Welcome to the Lighthouse Community Church

We are a non-denominational fellowship which has served the Perris Valley and its surroundings areas since 1972. With a contemporary, family-based atmosphere, we continue to reach out to our neighbors from our country location in the rural valley of Perris.

Our fellowship operates a variety of ministries directed towards all ages and many occasions. From the very young to the elderly, we offer programs to meet the specific needs. Our men’s and women’s organizations are designed to address gender specific needs while our academy’s goal is to provide the type of education that allows success at any future level possible. Our efforts, however, are not only directed toward our English speaking neighbors as we also offer bilingual services to our members. Likewise, our outreach efforts are very diverse. Whether they be domestic, foreign, or emergency related, our hope is to impact our world for Jesus in a powerful way.

So, simply put, our goal is to minister to our community in a spiritual and physical way that is both life-changing and relevant to our modern society. We welcome all and look forward to meeting you.