Lighthouse Community Church

Our Calling

The calling of the Lighthouse Community Church is to continue the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ by establishing a God-centered house and atmosphere of worship by which all people may establish a personal relationship with God and be reconciled to Him through His plan for salvation.

Our Vision

Becoming an ever-growing vessel that serves our community in a manner and fashion glorifying to God and that guides many to salvation in Christ by showing His love to the world.

Our Ministries

We will strive to show the Love of God to our community through food, clothing, educational, and outreach programs beneficial to the diverse population that make sup the people who are our neighbors.

Our Future

We will endeavor to create and maintain a ministry that, as so established upon Christ Jesus, will endure and flourish for future generations to reap the blessings and anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ until His return for His church.

Our Church

We desire the truths and values of the Full Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelations, which serve as the guides by which all mankind may be restored to fellowship with God. As “Ambassadors of Christ”, being led by the Holy Spirit, this is the message we share with the world.

Our God

We honor God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, who is the creator of the universe and all life. Through His plan of salvation, all mankind may be restored to fellowship with Him and in the fullness of time He will return for His church and establish His eternal reign. This is who we love and serve.