Sunday School at the Lighthouse

The purpose of the Sunday School program here at the Lighthouse Community Church is to provide bible education for all ages.

  • Children learn “Jesus loves Me, for the bible tells me so.” They also learn to give by singing songs to the Lord and bringing their pennies for the offering.
  • Teenagers experience that it’s fun to go to church and also learn how to be a “true friend.”
  • Young adults and adults learn practical tips or how to be successful at school, work, and home.

Classes are interactive through the use of activity books, discussion, skits, and bible memorization. Please feel free to call our Sunday School Superintendent, Yoly Magana, with any questions at 909-838-2450


Class Times and Locations:

Every Sunday 9:00am-9:45am

Toddlers – Nursery
Primary & Elementary – Fellowship Hall
Young Adults – Sanctuary
Adult – Sanctuary