Lighthouse Community Church

Women’s Auxiliary COOKBOOK

We are requesting 5 recipes from each contributor. If you have
multiple cooks in your family, then each cook can submit their own
recipes. Your name will be published with each recipe.

Everyone has those special recipes that they get rave reviews
about – those are the recipes we want you to share! Whether they are family favorites that you make for the holidays or recipes handed down from your
mother or your grandmother.

Everyone here knows about Linda’s enchiladas, and how delicious they are. And what about Richard’s potato salad? Who doesn’t love that? Leanna, how about your salad dressing that everybody kept asking you about? And Vicki, what about those famous white chocolate chip cookies you bake? Let’s not forget Angie’s ceviche – that was a big hit at the picnic!

These are the recipes we love. We want these – and more – to share; others will love them too!

So please, help us out and share what you have.

The cookbooks will be for sale in time for Christmas


You can submit your recipes online directly to the publisher by logging in here, with the following information:

Username: lighthousecc
Password: butter033

Or you can submit your recipes to Sister Leti in person.

Please submit your recipes as soon as possible!