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The Unknown God

     I recently had a phone conversation with a young lady who asked to speak with me.  We had never met so the conversation was much unexpected.  As it turned out, she had questions regarding God……a lot of them.  They ranged from eternal judgment to various religious beliefs to the age of accountability to the reality of the Holy Trinity and to the nature of God.  It actually was a bit overwhelming, like trying to explain the secrets of the universe, thoroughly, in 2 minutes or less.  So I did the best that I could as we leaped from subject to subject in a completely random pattern.  In the end, she thanked me for my time and said that she was very encouraged by our conversation.  I encouraged her to be in regular fellowship at a bible-believing church near her home where she could continue to be nurtured in her relationship with God.  Then we prayed.  Afterwards, I thought about our conversation and how eager she was to know the nature of God.  She was searching for Him, and all the time she was unaware that He was as close as her spoken petition.  This reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s preaching on Mar’s Hill to the Greeks. They were a people looking for truth, looking for answers, looking for God. This was why they fashioned so many figures to so many gods.   So Paul introduced them to the “Unknown God”, which they quite accidentally stumbled across.  But how they found God is irrelevant.  What matters most was their desire to pursue something or someone larger than themselves.  This is an inborn need, a suspicion, which all humans have to explain life or bring clarity to their existence.  It is the need to know how we got here and why we are here.  It flows from that spark that God instilled within us all: the ability to believe by faith that there is a living God who created us and desires to have a relationship with us (Romans 12:13). 

     As servants of God, we may find ourselves in the course of a day confronted with such people who are “searching for the Unknown God”.  These are people responding to that inner need that speaks softly to their heart saying, “There’s something more to this life.  There’s someone greater than you”.  It is that God-inspired desire, which calls mankind back into a right relationship with Him.  And as Ministers of Reconciliation, we get to play a small part in that restoration.  We get the opportunity to introduce them to the “Unknown God” who already knows them.  Is the spirit of Mar’s Hill still alive?  You bet it is.  So, if out of the blue someone begins to ask you questions about who God is and what is His nature, be ready to answer.  And you might want to check your GPS.  There’s a chance you’re on Mar’s Hill.


Wayfaring Stranger

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